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The Benefits of Buying Turf Directly from the Turf Farm

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Having access to green spaces provides countless benefits, that is why there is ever-increasing turf development not just in Australia but all over the world. Turf installation continues to prosper alongside the assurance of offering therapeutic appeal to the community, filtering pollution, and heat reduction. Here in Sydney, having your residential or commercial property fused with green spaces is highly preferred.

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Installing turf is considered an avenue for creating a green space in your home, and our team at D & V Turf Supplies ensures excellent turf installation services — perfected with decades of experience.


Our company also offers premium quality turf available at wholesale prices with 6-days a week delivery schedule. But what separates our company from competitors is, we deliver the highest quality turf varieties directly from our turf farm in Penrith. More often than not, people fail to realise the advantages of buying turf directly from the grower. Without further ado, we have listed down the benefits of purchasing grass straight from the grower.


Freshness – buying turf directly from the farm guarantees that you will be getting freshly-cut and weed-free lawn. Installing freshly cut turf offers a much better air quality to your property.


Affordability – one of the most important things you want to consider when buying turf, is its affordability. If you’re practical, we advise you to purchase turf from the grower as it will allow you to save money.


Expert advice – Growers/suppliers offer expert advice if you buy turf from them. There are turf installation tips that only specialists can give, and this is essential if you want to maintain a green, inviting and plushy lawn in Sydney.


Quality – If you are looking for premium turf around Sydney, or anywhere in Australia, we strongly suggest you deal directly to farm growers. Turf resellers can hardly provide the warranty and guarantee that turf growers can, plus there’s a big difference in pricing.


As a family-owned and Australian operated business we genuinely care about our customers. From start to finish, we will make sure you receive expert advice from our specialists plus competitive pricing. We ensure we deliver your ordered turf on time without any hassle. Our delivery is available six days a week, and you can call us anytime during daytime to discuss any concerns or questions you might have pertaining turf varieties, installation, and maintenance.


Call us at (02) 4776 2761 if you’re ready to buy weed-free turf from us. You can also request for a quote, and our customer support team will get back to you accordingly.