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We can find turf in most of the properties in Sydney, Australia. Nothing can beat the feel of natural grass for your lawn. It brings us closer to nature when we are too busy to do so. Natural grass also contributes to giving us a scent of fresh air. Sydney, Australia is one of the perfect places to have natural grass, due to the tropical weather conditions, natural grass can help in keeping you cool and calm. Some people are starting to switch to artificial turf because it requires less maintenance, and it can cause less hassle. Nevertheless, there are a lot of downsides to this. One of the many reasons why it’s not advisable is that artificial grass should not be taking the place of natural grass. This is upsetting because instead of having the benefits of natural grass, artificial grass is getting in the way of what’s best for the environment and most importantly, ourselves. If you need some help with choosing the best turf for your property, we got you covered with regards to the installation and all the processes needed. We have a great variety of turf that you can choose from. Here are the various types of grasses that we can supply for you:

Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo – This type of turf is perfect for your kids and pets. It is very gentle to the skin due to its soft features, and it is hypoallergenic. It also requires minimal maintenance. It is hard-wearing, and can withstand climate conditions like drought.
Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo – This type of turf may not be as soft as the Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo, but what’s interesting is that it turns purple in the winter. It also requires minimal maintenance. This is perfect for shady places.
Kikuyu – This type of turf needs to be out in the sun. It is one of the most purchased lawns because it’s cheaper. This is best for high traffic areas.
Wintergreen Couch – This turf surprisingly requires low maintenance, and it is very thick. It has an elegant shade of green and can be very pleasant to the eyes. Very fine leafed also. We at D&V Turf Supplies will be happy to answer your questions with regards to turf supplies and can always lend a helping hand for your turf needs if you submit a request for quotation. You can contact us at your convenience at 02-4776-2761.