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Site Preparation for New Turf in Penrith

site_preparationAs expert turf suppliers in Penrith and Sydney, D & V Turf Supplies are able to advise on the best way to prepare your site for new turf. Please see our helpful site preparation tips below.

Preparing the Soil

Spray existing lawn or weeds with Glyphosate wait 10-14 days before turfing.

Rotary hoe or spade the soil to a depth of 50 mm. Top dress if necessary with a quality turf underlay soil.

✔ Remove sticks, stones, roots and any other debris.

✔ Level the soil using a rake or lawn leveller.

✔ Eliminate drainage problems by having soil sloped away from foundations, paths etc.

✔ Apply a starter fertiliser, such as Dynamic Lifter, and lightly rake in.

Measuring and Ordering the Turf

Measure the area (length, width, any unusual shapes) to the nearest measurement, and put them on a sketch.

Phone or email our office and we will work out the exact amount of turf you will need. (Each roll is a square metre a roll)

Take delivery on the day you plan to start laying your turf.


Laying the New Turf Lawn

✔ Start at a straight edge such as a driveway or footpath.

✔ Layout the turf lawn like a carpet.

✔ Make sure all joints are butted together without overlapping or spaces between rolls of turf.

✔ Use a spade for cutting turf around trees, gardens and along borders.

✔ Roll the turf to smooth out bumps and air pockets. This will assure good contact with the soil.



✔ The new lawn should get at least 25mm (an inch) of water within half an hour of installation and should be kept moist until it is rooted firmly (watered everyday).

✔ Be sure your new lawn has enough moisture to survive hot, dry or windy periods. Once the turf cannot be lifted it is clear that the roots are making progress.

✔ The watering process can taper off to once or twice a week, depending on the weather conditions.



✔ Your lawn generally needs mowing between 10 – 14 days after installation.

✔ Mow no more than one third of the leaf blade during a single mow.

For turf in Penrith and Sydney, D & V Turf Supplies are your one stop shop! Contact us today.

Water Restrictions do not apply to new lawns. Learn more here.

Need more information about turf supplies and roll on lawn? Read our Frequently Asked Questions here.

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