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Should You Purchase or Grow Your Turf For Your Home

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At D & V we offer our customers help from choosing the right turf to correctly laying it.

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Why should you choose us? At D & V we are experts in providing the best quality turf for every need but that’s just one of the reasons why you should choose us. Besides offering complete support throughout the whole process, here are some of the other services we offer our customers to make the experience run smoothly: Quality: At D & V Turf we supply premium quality and weed-free lawns, that is low maintenance, easy care. We supply to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors in Penrith & Sydney.

Speed: our freshly cut lawns are supplied directly from our farm, allowing us to deliver them to our customers faster than other suppliers. Our turf supplies go from the grower straight to your doorstep and, if you decide to make a bulk order, you will have some extra money left thanks to our wholesale prices.
Guarantee: all our turf is supplied and delivered with no hassle and in respect of your time frame and budget to guarantee a high-quality product that will last for years to come.
Value: purchasing your turf from us will leave you with a hassle-free product that is freshly cut, weed-free and extremely soft. At D & V Turf, we take great pride in our skilled team members, who will not only supply and deliver your chosen turf, but also give you some expert advice on how to prepare, grow and maintain your lawn all year round for a durable, beautiful garden! Laying your own lawns. While laying your own turf will save you some money but also is a very rewarding experience. If you decided to give it a go, make sure you ask the supplier some tips to better lay your turf. At D & V we are always happy to help our customers with tips and advice on growing and maintaining their lawns.
Choosing an experienced supplier. Choosing a specialised supplier with many years of experience can be a winning move when buying your new turf! If this option best suits you, we can happily assist in arranging a quote to suit your needs.
Like to revamp your garden with a new, healthy lawn, get in touch with us and our team of professionals will help you find the best solution for your needs!