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Top Quality Roll On Grass

We’re Sydney & Penrith's Turf Supply Specialists

Top quality, weed free, cultivated instant lawns for your home, business, or private properties in Sydney & Penrith. We have over decades of experience supplying turf of the highest quality at competitive prices.

We specialise in the production of four turf varieties including:
● Matilda Soft Lead Buffalo Turf
● Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf
● Kikuyu Turf
● Wintergreen Couch Turf


Our turf varieties and what they are best for :

Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf

● Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo
This type of roll on a lawn is soft to the touch and hypoallergenic. It is best in warm climates and can handle both direct sunlight and shade very well. This semi-dwarf soft leaf buffalo has a moderate growth rate, so it requires very little maintenance. It also has the benefit of strong pest and disease resistance while also maintaining its colour year-round. In Sydney & Penrith, countless of homeowners, and businesses are now using matilda soft leaf buffalo turf. If you are looking out for a variety of turf that is soft, and can withstand Australia’s climate, then Matilda soft leaf buffalo is a good option for you.

● Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo
This type is very similar to the Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo, but it is not as soft and tends to turn purple in the winter. This turf is also very low maintenance and performs best in shady areas. If you have shady areas in your home, commercial or private properties, then this variety is the best one for you.

● Kikuyu Turf
Kikuyu prefers complete sunlight and doesn’t perform well in shade. Kikuyu is great for both domestic and commercial use and is very common – thanks to its low price. This variety grows quickly so it will need to be mowed more often, and it is great for high foot traffic areas. If you have a high traffic areas in your home, private or commercial property Kikuyu is the best option for you.

● Wintergreen Couch Turf
Wintergreen Couch is incredibly low maintenance and is very dense, making it very soft to walk on. It can handle light shade while also remaining a luxurious green colour. If you are looking for a turf variety in Penrith or Sydney, that is low on maintenance but looks plushy all year round – then wintergreen couch is right for you.

If you are still struggling with what type of lawn to buy for your home or business contact us today. Phone us at 02-4776-2761 or submit an inquiry or quote request using the online form . We get back to most inquiries within 1 business day or less. We supply and install premium quality turf directly from our Farm and provide the best advice on site preparation, laying new turf, mowing and turf maintenance.

Whether you are looking for a lawn that looks great, is hard wearing, drought tolerant, or shade tolerant we will happily help you with your lawn selection.

All varieties ordered will be freshly cut. You can pick up directly from our turf farm or request for a delivery. We have a forklift available 7 days a week and also a laying service team that is highly trained, and insured. Not only is a new lawn great for you and your lifestyle but great for the environment too!

Water Restrictions do not apply to new lawns. Learn more here.

Need more information about turf supplies in Penrith or Sydney? Read our frequently asked questions here.

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Premium quality, weed free, cultivated instant lawns for residential, commercial and industrial sectors in Penrith & Sydney.


We supply and deliver instant and freshly cut lawns directly from our farm faster than other suppliers. With us, you will get your new lawn instantly and straight from the grower, letting you save extra money with our wholesale prices if you choose bulk orders.


Fast free quotes – guaranteed! Free tips on soil preparation, watering, mowing and maintenance too!


All varieties ordered will be supplied and delivered freshly cut and weed free – faster & no hassle.


When you buy lawns from us, you can be sure that you’ll get freshly cut, weed free, and super soft lawn that will not only enhance the beauty and value of your property for long-term but will also help our environment.


Our team of experts will not only supply and deliver your chosen turf variety, but we will also provide expert advice and tips galore on how you can better prepare, grow and maintain your lawn – all year round.

FREE Lawn Consultation (Valued at $195)

Whether you are looking for a lawn that looks great, is hard wearing, drought tolerant, or shade tolerant we will happily help you with. Book now!

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