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How To Have The BEST Lawn On Your Street

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We know it - a little friendly neighbourhood competition when it comes to having a striking & plushy lawn exists in Penrith, Sydney, The Central Coast, Newcastle and surrounds!

And, beautifying a yard is not rocket science!

In this article, we will share some easy-peasy tips on how you can have the best lawn on your street.


A neat & smartly edged lawn is the first thing your neighbours will notice when looking at your property. Not only is it appealing to the eyes, but a tidy property is pretty relaxing too! Did you know that edging your lawn is simple and easy? The only tool you need is a whipper snipper or a lawn clipper to clean the edges after mowing.

There are a wide variety of lawn edging materials available— and you can find what works for your landscape's style and budget. After you tidy up the edges, you should dig a shallow trench along the border and put metal edges. In this way, your lawn can't grow over and will look completely neat.


Believe it or not, a striped lawn is relatively easy to achieve. Striping your lawn means pushing the blades of the grass in opposing directions to provide a way for the light to reflect on the grass-blade. In other words, when edges are bent towards you look dark, then blades bent the opposite way from you will appear lighter. This is called the stripe effect most Australian lawn owners want to have.

Before you start striping your lawn, make sure that the grass is healthy and thick. Granted, you will need a cylinder mower to have the stripe-look for your lawn. You can also use a rotary mower if a cylinder mower is unavailable.


Outdoor lighting is essential to make your lawn look grand. It is also the best way to add magic to the garden, especially in the evening. Installing lights in the critical areas of your garden provide a safe environment, encouraging you to spend more time outdoors during the night - on your own or with family and guests.

Most lawn owners have a high level of care for the environment, and it's best to purchase and use solar-powered lawn lights. You can also use low voltage systemswhich draws a meagre amount of power and can save you from paying high electricity bills. Take an ample amount of time in planning the light design for your lawn— but don't end up installing too many different lights! Too many rays can be destructive!


Watering your lawn is vital. Do it at least once a week. If your lawn is turning brownish, it is a sign that it needs more watering. Avoid overwatering your lawn to prevent the fungus from growing and hinder the air from reaching to the roots of your turf.

Watering your lawn between 4:00 AM to 8:00 AM is useful because it allows the water to sink through the grass instead of getting evaporated during the sun's peak hours. Do not water your lawn too fast. It is advised to water deeply to allow the water to penetrate the root zone and boost profound root growth.


Fertilising your garden is an essential part of lawn care and maintenance. It encourages healthy turf all year long - allowing your garden to look beautiful regardless of the season. However, at times turf may look yellowish, requiring more nutrients - which high nitrogen fertiliser can provide! Nitrogen is vital in the growth of your roll-on lawn. It keeps the roots healthy and the blades green! To keep that plushy look in your yard, all year long, do not forget to fertilise your turf!

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