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3 Ways to Get Your Lawn Summer Ready

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Summer will be here before you know it and the key to being ready is proper planning. To get your law summer-ready there are several things that you can do. While you could decide on how to get rid of the weeds in the yard, purchase a new mower that is meant to get this golf course level when it is used, or other methods. 

You may find that one of the best ways to get your lawn summer-ready is through turf.

Is turf a no hassle way to get your lawn looking great?

Turf is one of the best ways to get that flawless looking lawn that you have always wanted. When you try to do this with some grass seed and good luck, you may find that the yard is more full of weeds than it is actually full of grass. This can make your yard look sparse and it is definitely not how you want to get your lawn summer-ready.

How much water do you have to give turf to make it look good?

When turf is first installed, it has to be given plenty of water to help it look good. Within the first half an hour of being installed, it should be given an inch of water. And then it continues to be watered everyday until the roots are taking a hold.

Once the roots take hold in the yard, then you taper the watering off to once or twice per week, depending upon whether you are getting rain. You should water your turf in the morning to avoid evaporation. You will find that after the turf is well established, you will want to give it a nice soaking every now and then rather than light watering frequently.

Does turf work for any yard?

Yes! Turf is an excellent option for any yard, whether this is a large residential yard or a small business yard. You will find it can be cut down and options are available to get the yard that you have always dreamed of having. The benefits of turf include:

- Weed free yard that you are going to love
- Thick and full like what you see out of maintenance
- Looks amazing and has low maintenance once the roots have been established

Are there special considerations to make when mowing turf?

Turf should not be mowed until it has been installed for about 2 weeks. From there, you are going to find that regular mowing is the key to avoid this getting to be too thick resulting in an uneven cut. A few things to remember, avoid scalping the yard, and don’t mow the grass when it is wet. Plus, always make sure that your blades are sharp and even to get the best cut.

How is turf laid?

First, the location for where this is going to be laid is prepared. This means removing weeds and lawn that is already there, removing sticks, stones and other debris, leveling the soil, eliminating any drainage issues, and applying a starter fertilizer. From there the area is measured and the turf is ordered. The turf is then laid like carpet.

For those who are ready to get their lawn summer-ready, turf is an excellent way to go. And with D&V Turf Supplies, you can get quality turf in a variety of options to make your yard look amazing. Call today to talk to an expert (02) 4776-2761!