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How to Install Turf Like a Professional

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Thinking of installing the turf on your own? This can be a tricky subject and I’ve seen many homeowners wreck their gardens because of not knowing exactly how to get the new turf fixed.

Thankfully, if you know the processes that you need to follow, you will see that it’s actually very straightforward. Having a purpose-grown cultivated turf means you get to enjoy a beautiful lawn that is instantly matured without the inconveniences of delays or wastage we usually associate with seeding.

To ensure you get the best quality turf, you should always opt for a trusted supplier like D & V Turf Supplies. We are happy to provide you with free consultation on 02 4776 2761.

Turf consists of a mass of plants that are alive and breathing. The more care and attention you give to your new lawn, the better it will end up growing, providing you with many years of comfort and enjoyment. Let’s look at some of the main processes you need to follow when installing turf on your own.

#1. Preparing the Ground

One thing that I cannot stress on enough is proper ground preparation. This is perhaps the most essential step for not just the establishment but also the future well-being of the new lawn. If you prepare the ground inadequately, you will never be able to produce the best results. What I recommend is doing exactly what my team here at D & V Turf Supplies does - put in a bit of extra time and effort at this stage.

#2. Raking

To nicely lay the new turf, you will need to level the ground. The surface will need to be firm, but not too compacted. To achieve a smooth, level surface, you will need to rake the area. The best way to reveal any soft patches is to lightly tread over the surface. This can then be raked again. Continue with this process until you are satisfied that the area is finally firm and leveled.

#3. Order Turf

By this time, your area should be ready for the new turf. Have a look at our turf products to get an idea of what you can put in your lawn. Measure the lawn area accurately. Let us know if you need any help with measuring the area and we will be more than happy to assist. The important thing is that turf should be laid as soon as possible once it is delivered. So, make sure your area is ready for it. 

#4. Lay the Turf

Now that you are finally done with the hard work, all that is left is to lay the new turf. We recommend using planks or turfing boards to walk on and work from, avoiding walking directly on the new lawn. Let us know if you need pre-turfing fertiliser and we can help you with that. Start with unrolling one strip at a time and avoid using small pieces on the edges as they are prone to drying and perishing. 

#5. Water it Well

Now that the turf is laid, just make sure you water it well to the root to help it get off to a fantastic new start. The time of the year also plays a part in the amount of water to use, with obviously much more water needed in summer months. Water the newly laid lawn immediately after laying it, using a sprinkler or hose pipe.

As long as you follow the above instructions, you will find installing turf a massive success. Let us know if you’ve got any questions. Contact us today and my team will be delighted to answer any queries you might have regarding installation of a new turf.